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Ammina Rose - Creator and EditorHey Luvs! Thanks for visiting! My name is Ammina Rose and I am the creator and editor of! Like many Black Girls, I too got a relaxer at a very young age. I never got the chance to experience my hair in its natural state. Heck, I barely have pictures of myself as a little girl with natural hair. Relaxed hair was all I had known. For me, the most unfortunate thing about getting relaxers at a young age is that I had no one around me that knew how to take care of my hair. As a result, my hair broke off and I was never able to retain length, just enough to put into a pony tail.

I became a part of the stigma that Black Girls and Women couldn’t grow long hair.

Years after, I continued to abuse my hair with tight braids, heat styling, and the misuse of chemical processes. Though I was able to reach shoulder length hair without a hair regimen, I would always end up getting a major hair cut to combat thinning ends. And even though I was abusing my hair, I perceived it as healthy. My hair was always bouncy, straight, and my temples were not thinning. In my mind, not being on the brink of baldness was acceptable for the health of my hair. I was fine with that all the way into my early 20s.

Ms. Rosie, Creator & Editor

Relaxed hair before healthy hair journey.

In October 2012, I joined There I saw many women with long relaxed hair and this was the first time I had heard of deep conditioning, stretching relaxers, wash day-basically a real hair regimen. I created a hair regimen and started my healthy relaxed hair journey in November of 2012. After being more active on Hairlista, I learned about natural hair. Honestly, I did not know that there was such a thing as natural hair or going natural. The new growth that I received every few months in my perception were “naps” and relaxing my hair was a normal part of my hair regimen, or lack thereof.

Ms. Rosie, Creator & Editor

Relaxed hair during healthy hair journey and transitioning to natural.

February 22, 2013 was my last relaxer and I planned to transition to natural for 2 years. My plan was cut short in October 2013 when I decided to be lazy one night and didn’t detangle after washing my hair and woke up to it matted. So I ended up doing the big chop early. However, I was very proud of my hair while transitioning. I was able to achieve bra strap length hair with my hair regimen, which was a far cry from shoulder length.

Ammina Rose, Creator & EditorSince going natural I am learning my hair all over again and seeing what my real hair looks like. Initially after my big chop, I received both bad and good responses. Some people loved and raved about my new look, while others were confused as to why I chopped my hair off. The response, especially the negative comments helped me to embrace and nurture my hair even more. I knew that I was beautiful with or without a relaxer. Months later, many of the naysayers admired my hair and became inquisitive about how I took care of it.

For more pictures or to follow my hair journey, visit me on Facebook, Youtube, or Hairlista.

Ammina Rose, Creator and Editor I became extremely happy to see so much unity amongst women in the Natural Hair Community. It is very intriguing talking to new people about natural hair and its complexities. However, I quickly learned of the many people, basically “Natural Hair Nazis”, who were judgmental and looked down on women that relax, color, and straighten their hair. Not only did I see a division amongst hair types in the Natural Hair Community, but also in the Black Hair Community with Relaxed and Natural Women. I loved my hair when it was healthy and relaxed and in its natural state.

Ammina Rose, Creator and Editor I believe in healthy hair no matter the style preference or hair type. At the end of the day, healthy hair is all that matters. There are so many hang ups on our hair differences, but at the end of the day, we actually have more similarities than differences. I created this site to show that we can all learn from each other whether we are Relaxed or Natural, Kinky or Curly. We can come together while embracing, learning, respecting, and Lovin’ Our Textures.

Check out my current hair regimen here.

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  1. Ollie Anderson says:

    I think this is a great site. Keep up the good work!

  2. Francesca Blanc says:

    Ms Rosie I wanted to now what is your hair type?

  3. DrPhoenyx says:

    Loved reading about your hair journey, and your natural hair looks beautiful!

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