Keema Is Lovin’ Transitioning


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Keema Is Lovin' Transitioning

Your Hair Is: Transitioning
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Porosity: Medium
Hair Texture: Kinky
Hair Width: Medium

How long have you been transitioning?
My last relaxer was April 25, 2013, almost 12 months.

How long do you plan to transition to natural?
I plan to transition for about 1.5-2 years. If I’m not comfortable with my natural hair length by December of this year I will transition until my 2 year mark.

Keema Is Lovin' Transitioning

What made you decide to transition to natural?
I was stretching my relaxer and the more I continued to stretch the more I was loving my natural texture. So I made the decision to go back to natural. Also I was tired of my relaxed hair and the relaxer day process.

What is your favorite hair product(s) or product line?
Creme of Nature Argan Oil shampoo and deep conditioner, coconut oil, SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Lotion.

What is your Daily Hair Regimen?
I wear protective/low manipulation styles daily. I have been loving buns and Bantu Knot outs lately. I always make sure to moisturize my hair daily or every other day, and seal the moisture in with coconut oil.

What is Your Wash Day Regimen and how often is it?
I wash on a weekly basis. Now that I am transitioning I work in 4 sections. First and foremost, I detangle using a liquid leave in/detangler! I pre-poo for 20 minutes, shampoo with my sulfate free shampoo and deep condition under my hooded dryer for 30 minutes. Then I detangle while washing out the conditioner. When my hair is halfway dry I apply my leave-in and proceed to style my hair.

Keema Is Lovin' Transitioning

What is your favorite hair style and how do you make it last throughout the week?
Right now I am loving Bantu Knots because they blend the relaxed and natural textures. I set the Bantu Knots on dry hair over wet hair because on wet hair the curls shrink to my head. On dry hair they are more elongated. I use SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie because it’s super moisturizing and defines my Bantu Knots. The more Bantu Knots I do the more defined they are and the longer they last. I also love buns. I put my hair in 2 cornrows overnight and take it out in the morning to make a textured bun. To preserve my style I tie a scarf around the edges and put a bonnet over the rest of my hair.

What are some of the things that you have removed from your regimen and how has this helped your hair?
Sulfates! Both my weekly and clarifying shampoo are sulfate free. This helps me to retain moisture and keep my hair from feeling dried out after washing. For the most part I have removed direct heat (flat ironing) during my transition and I am able to retain length and maintain my ends. I have only flat ironed once during my transition. I have also removed mineral oil. Don’t need my scalp having clogged pores!

What do you love about your hair?
I love my natural hair color. It is naturally brown and I lot of people think I color my hair.

What has helped you the most on your transitioning journey?
First and foremost working in sections! Also protective styling, deep conditioning, keeping my new growth moisturized, and low manipulation styles to blend the two textures.

What has been the best and worst part of transitioning to natural?
The best thing is seeing my thick natural hair grow in and get longer as I get rid of the thin relaxed ends. The worst part is manageability. The more I continue to transition, the harder it is to manage my 2 textures. It get harder to detangle and style my hair.

Keema Is Lovin' Transitioning

What is your hair goal and how do plan to achieve it?
My hair goal is to be arm pit length with my natural hair by December 2016. I am limiting heat, protective styling, and keeping my hair moisturized. When I was relaxed I reached my goal for my hair to grow past shoulder length.

Give any piece of advice that you wish someone had given you about hair.
Natural oils over mineral oil. I feel like as a child in the Black community, our hair is constantly being greased with mineral oil-based products when natural oils are so much better for our hair.

Where can we find you on Social Media?
On Instagram and Twitter @keemz92 and on YouTube

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