Lovelyn is Lovin’ Natural


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Lovelyn is Lovin' Natural Your Hair Is: Natural
Hair Length: Arm Pit Length (APL)
Porosity: Low
Hair Texture: Coily
Hair Width: Medium
Color-Treated: No

What is your favorite hair product(s) or product line?
The Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture is my staple line and I use them once a week. My favorite leave-in conditioner is the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Repair Cream.

What is your Daily Hair Regimen?
When my hair is out, I spritz it at night, seal with leave-in and oil, shake it out in the morning (I wear twist-outs a lot) and go.

What is Your Wash Day Regimen and how often is it?
I wash once a week, I co-wash with a Giovanni conditioner and then proceed to twisting with a leave in. It’s very simple but effective.

Lovelyn is Lovin' Natural
What do you love about your hair?
Versatility is the key word!!! I feel there’s no limit to what I can do with my hair. If I feel like it, then I can probably do it!

What is your favorite hair style and how do you make it last throughout the week?
I’m a twist-out girl and I love defined twist-outs. I just pineapple at night and shake in the morning! When it starts to get frizzy, I do half up half down do’s or pin it up into some cute style!

Lovelyn is Lovin' Natural
What are some of the things that you have removed from your regimen & how has this helped your hair?
I used to use a lot of styling products like gels and waxes and would get a lot of build up! I have perfected my twisting technique and can achieve great twist-outs or other curly styles without any styling product!

Give any piece of advice that you wish someone had given you about hair.
Have fun with it! I used to be so focused on deep conditioning and all sorts of treatments that I forgot to just enjoy my hair.

Lovelyn is Lovin' Natural
What is your hair goal(s) and how do plan to achieve it?
I want waist length hair so that it can hit APL in a twist out. For example, I have stopped using combs for the past 2 months since my last length check and only finger detangle my hair to prevent breakage. I really hope that will help preserving my ends and retaining length!

Where can we find you on Social Media?
On Youtube, Instagram @LovelyNappiah and Twitter @NatLovingBeauty.

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  1. Naturallyorz says:

    Great Interview

  2. This is a great interview Lovelyn… I love your hair. #YTNoir

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