DivaChyk is Lovin’ Relaxed


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DivaChyk is Lovin' Relaxed

Your Hair Is: I am salon relaxed with Naked by Essations which is lye-based.
Hair Length: Waist Length
Porosity: Low
Hair Type: I’m without knowledge of my true texture but my new growth is tightly coiled and kinky.
Hair Width: I really am unsure but think I’m medium to coarse. Many of my strands are as thick as a piece of thread.

Are You Color-Treated?
No. Tried my hand at color-treated hair many years ago before my healthy hair journey but each time resulted in dry, broken, brittle, fragile, hair.

What is your favorite hair product(s) or product line?
I have a list of product faves on my blog, Relaxed Thairapy but the ones I’m never without are as follows:

Clarify: HairVeda Amala Deep (looking for a replacement as this doesn’t seem to be offered any longer)
Shampoo: Bee Mine Botanicals
Co-Cleanse: HairVeda Amala Cream Rinse
Oil Rinse: Wheat Germ
Tea Rinse: Loose Leaf Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root
Deep Condition: Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose
Leave In: Pura Body MuruMuru Moisture Milk
Seal: Extra Virgin Avocado Oil
Daily Moisturizer: Aubrey Organics White Camellia

DivaChyk is Lovin' Relaxed

What is your Daily Hair Regimen?
I moisturize/seal and lightly comb 1-2x daily.

What is Your Wash Day Regimen?
I really try to listen to my hair and give Ms. Honey B. Fly whatever she desires because she’s known to show out if I don’t. Although I switch things up here and there, the basics remain the same: cleanse, deep condition and air dry.

What do you love about your hair?
Length! It provides styling versatility.

DivaChyk is Lovin' RelaxedWhat is your favorite hair style?
Buns and Up-Do’s are my go-to styles. Check out my daily styles on Instagram @RelaxedThairapy!

What are some of the things that you have removed from your regimen?
I’ve minimized…
Direct heat, it’s damaging and drying. Silicones, they tend to block moisture to my already dehydrated low porosity hair.

Give any piece of advice that you wish someone had given you about hair.
I’ve actually received the best possible advice but didn’t know it at the time:
-Be patient – you can’t compare your hair to another
-Health over Length…Length will come
-What works for one may not work for another
-Trial and error is the best experience
-Use only one new product per wash day
-No bandwagons

I believe the healthy hair journey will go a lot smoother if we can remember to use the above as our guiding principles.

What is your hair goal(s)?
My hair length goal was middle back length which I’ve achieved and surpassed.

How did you achieve it?
– Protective styling for length retention
– Stretching relaxers for an average of 10 weeks
– Operating within my comfort zone rather than trying to hang with others
– Accepting what works for me and staying the course
– No bandwagons — I’ve done them before but it did not work out so well
– Moisturizing / Sealing daily

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