MJ (TressedForSuccess) is Lovin’ Relaxed


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MJ Is Lovin’ RelaxedYour Hair Is: Relaxed (Texturizer)
Hair Length: Mid Back Length (MBL)
Porosity: High
Hair Texture: Coily
Hair Width: Coarse
Color-Treated: Yes with Loreal Color Gloss.

What is your favorite hair product(s) or product line?
Shea Moisture line!

What is your Daily Hair Regimen?
Throughout the week, I keep my hair in a ponytail or bun and that’s about it! I do not take the bun down, re-do it, or moisturize daily. Only as needed. For the weekends, I will most often have my hair down in a braid out. I will tie it back with a silk scarf at night, and that’s it! I also juice pretty much daily now.

MJ Is Lovin’ Relaxed

What is Your Wash Day Regimen?
If my hair has been down:
-I will detangle and pre-poo with grapeseed oil.
-Deep condition (usually with steam)
-Cool rinse
-Put my hair up in my bun for the week!

MJ Is Lovin’ RelaxedWhat do you love about your hair?
I love its strength and thickness! The thickness is genetic. Sometimes ladies how I “get” my hair so thick, but that’s just how it is, and this is my hair chemically treated. It was even thicker when I was natural. Although, I do think not wearing my hair straight very often also helps retain the thickness I have naturally.

What is your favorite hair style?
You couldn’t have held me down and told me I’d say this 2+ years ago: but I love buns now!! I’ve figured out how I like for them to look on me, they don’t disrupt my work/work out/sleep/maintenance schedule. They also help me to stay away from heat longer. When you wear your hair down all the time and start to feel like you need a change the first thing a lady wants to do is straighten. When your hair is up most of the time and you need a change you can just wear it down. 🙂

What are some of the things that you have removed from your regimen?
A ton! Excessive heat, harmful ingredients in daily products (mineral oil, silicones, alcohol), even excessive styling. My regimen is super simple now and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been on a hair journey!

MJ Is Lovin’ RelaxedGive any piece of advice that you wish someone had given you about hair.
Figure out how to cater your regimen to your lifestyle and not the other way around. Don’t give up anything you love for your hair or a hairstyle!

What is your hair goal(s) and how do plan to achieve it? If you’ve achieved your goal(s), what was it and how did you achieve it?
Lower back length 🙂 I know that’s not really an official length, but that’s my goal! Past my waist, but before my hips. I plan to keep doing exactly what I’m doing: keeping a clean scalp, exercising, juicing daily, and bunning. I know I’ll be there some day 🙂

Where can we find you on Social Media?
On Instagram @TressedForSuccess and on Youtube at TressedForSuccess.

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