3 Ways to Make Wash Day Easier


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3 Ways to Make Wash Day EasierFor a lot of Hairlistas, wash day is a weekly event which can sometimes take up the entire day. No bueno! We all want to have successful hair journeys, but if your wash day is too lengthy, it can cause you to be overwhelmed and frustrated. Below are three ways to cut time and make your wash day hassle-free. I use these tips on wash day and hopefully they will help you too.

Section Hair
For medium to longer lengths, sectioning your hair throughout the wash and styling process can cut down on a lot of frustration and breakage. Tackling sections of your hair instead of your entire head at once will prevent you from being overwhelmed with your hair and will allow you to be more gentle. I personally detangle, wash, and style my hair in sections. I section my hair in 8 sections (4 on each side). The amount of sections you choose depends on the thickness, density, and length of your hair.

Detangle Prior To Washing
I used to detangle my hair post wash and I depended a lot on conditioner to aid in it. However, I would experience certain sections drying quicker than others which led to more tangles and more time. I quickly learned that by not detangling my hair before washing it, I was actually causing more tangles than I had before. Now, I detangle my hair in sections prior to washing.

My favorite detangler is oil and a spray bottle filled with water. Finger detangling is now a breeze and I don’t have to worry about detangling post wash. I just style my hair and keep it moving. If you’re one to take a long time to detangle, opt for detangling the day/night before wash day. On wash day, you’ll spend way less time on your hair.

Skip Deep Conditioning
What?! Yes, I know what you’re thinking. We’ve been programmed to deep condition EVERY SINGLE WEEK. However, it’s really not necessary to do this step every week. 1-2 times a month is actually sufficient. I personally use regular conditioners after cleansing or I just skip to my leave-in conditioner for hydration. Unless, your hair is damaged, you don’t need to do so many deep treatments so close together.

What do you do to make your WASH DAY EASIER? Comment below!

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4 Responses

  1. Curvatude says:

    I have to count myself as fortunate. Wash day is not a big deal for me as my hair doesn’t do a lot of tangling and other than using products geared towards natural hair, I basically wash it the way I did when when I had a relaxer

    • Ms. Rosie says:

      Yes, very fortunate! Lol. The only time wash days are easy for me is when I wear stretched styles or if I wash my hair in the middle of the week. If I wait a week or more, especially with a wash and go, I have serious tangles. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! xo

  2. JoAnna Niles says:

    Sectioning is a GOD SEND. lol

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