5 Things I Learned About My Hair in 2016


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5 Things I Learned About My Hair in 20162016 was year 3 for my Natural Hair journey. Every year, my hair seems a bit different and I adjust accordingly. This stage of my journey was quite interesting and I learned a lot about my hair needs and also what I want to change.

5 Things I Learned About My Hair in 20161. Head Wraps=A Very Lazy Natural
Though I loved wearing head wraps in 2016, I realized that they were a crutch and gave me a reason to be a lazy natural. I probably styled my hair only 10 times throughout the entire year. Smh. My normal routine of weekly wash days turned into every 3-4 weeks. By week 2, my hair was usually parched and in dire need of moisture and detangling. With the wraps, I was able to conceal the bird’s nest that was my hair but be stylish at the same time. In 2017, I plan to wear wraps occasionally instead of as my go-to style.

Product Junkie
2. Product Junkie Who?
In 2016, I became more aware about what products my hair liked. Remember the hair product stash that I showed you at the top of the year? Well, that stash has dwindled quite a bit and is only 2 shelves instead of 9. My interest in trying new hair products was low and I just used what worked for my hair in the past. Don’t judge, but I spent over $500 on hair products in 2015. Natural Hair products aren’t cheap. In 2016, I spent less than $100 for the entire year. 🙂 The only new products that I used were the ORS Black Olive Oil line via a giveway and the Jane Carter Healthy Hair which was sent to me for review.

Long Natural Hair3. More Hair. More Problems.
My hair was grazing waist length last year which is the longest my hair has ever been Natural and Relaxed. We all want long hair until we have to deal with it. Being a relatively new Natural has its challenges at time. Dealing with tangles, dry hair, and single strand knots can be annoying. This nuisance amplifies the longer my hair gets and I definitely found myself on the brink of returning to the ole creamy crack a few times. Longer hair means older hair, so I dealt more with split ends and breakage in 2016 than I have throughout my entire journey. I’ve realized that my longer hair requires more attention than I actually gave it especially since the ends are 3 plus years old.

4. No More Dandruff!
I can’t even begin to explain the relief of not having to deal with dandruff anymore. Between 2014-2015 I utilized the Curly Girl Method for my hair regimen. Using cleansing conditioners over shampoo actually prevented dandruff. Needless to say, I swore off of shampoo, both sulfate and sulfate-free for my scalp in 2016. However, for the times that I was being a lazy Natural, I would have build-up on my scalp which caused dandruff. I needed something stronger than a cleansing conditioner to cleanse the build-up from my scalp. Enter Nizoral. I’ve tried every dandruff shampoo from Head and Shoulders to Sulfur 8 to no avail. With Nizoral, not only did it get rid of the dandruff, but it prevented it from coming back. By week 3 of not washing my hair, I didn’t have to worry about build-up or the pesky and embarrassing flakes when I used Nizoral. I’m so happy to have found this product! Singing in my Mary J voice ♫”No dandruff. No more dandruff in my life. No dandruff gon’ make me hurt again.”♫

Pre-Poo Natural Hair5. Pre-pooing is Essential
At the beginning of my hair journey, I stressed the importance of pre-pooing on my Youtube channel and it was a consistent part of my hair regimen. Pre-pooing was essential for me to minimize hygral fatigue which keeps the integrity of the hair’s cuticle. In 2016, I didn’t pre-poo as often as I should have and I noticed a drastic difference in my hair. The porosity of my hair increased and my hair didn’t retain moisture like it used to. I also noticed that my hair wasn’t as smooth as it usually is which made my hair prone to tangling. While other naturals are swearing off of coconut oil, I will continue to use it consistently as a pre-poo treatment.

Plans for 2017
With the low amount of styling that I did to my hair in 2016, I plan to make it a high priority. With shorter hair, I felt a bit limited with the styling.Now that my hair is quite long, I will be experimenting with different styles. Getting my hair professionally colored is on my to-do list this year as well. I’ve been waiting since the start of my journey to do so. 🙂

What did you learn about your hair in 2016? Comment below.

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4 Responses

  1. Desi says:

    I learned that my hair loves heavy buttes, I realized this before 2016 but there are SPECIFIC butters my hair likes. I also learned that I need a really good leave-in conditioner since the porosity of my hair has increased a little more due to hard water in my state so, it has to be a moisturizing yet sealing conditioner. I found that exact one on Etsy but the shop seems to have discontinued thus, I am still on the look out for one. I begin to DC, I did’t find this step necessary in my regimen but now, my mane won’t go without doing it weekly. I did something I don’t usually do, I made a u-part wig! I rarely wear “track’ weave, the hair is from Big Chop Hair so that using heat to blend was not necessary. This new do helped me understand that protective styling is def for me, my hair grew from neck length to my shoulder blades! Overall, the combination of moisturizing weekly, cowashing with a stimulating cleanser (made by yours truly), doing my mud washes like usual, and protective styling helped me learn so much.

    • Ammina Rose Ammina Rose says:

      The stimulating cowash sounds awesome! You learned a lot of great things. I’m thinking about incorporating more butters into my regimen. What hair butters does your hair like?

  2. Reading this makes me feel like I know less about my hair than I ever have 😩

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