How To Recover From A Hair Setback


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How To Recover From A Hair Setback

A setback is one of the most daunting things many of us hairlistas do not want to face. Unfortunately, it can happen and make it seem like all of your hard work was done in vain. If you ever encounter a setback do not fret, you can definitely recover. This is the time to be more diligent with your hair care practices and soon enough, your hair will be back in great condition. Here are a few things you can do to recover from a hair setback.

Find the source of the problem
There is no point in running out to buy a product or trying a technique that you saw on Youtube if you do not know the reason for your setback in the first place. Analyze what you have done in the months prior to determine the cause of your hair breakage or thinning. This not only helps your hair, but it also saves time and money. For example, one of my subscribers messaged me about her thin/split ends. She was using castor oil in hopes of thickening them but didn’t see a difference. And even though she got trims consistently, thin ends were always an issue. When I asked about her relaxer process, we came to the conclusion that relaxer run-off was the culprit and she needed to remember to always protect her hair when getting a relaxer. Now she does not have problems with thin ends as she was able to find the source of the problem and correct it.

Update your hair maintenance
If it has been a while since your last trim or deep condition, then it is vital to do them to overcome your setback. This will help to give your hair a reboot and will help it to recover a lot easier. A fresh trim will make your ends stronger and more resistant to breakage. Protein and/or moisture treatments will infuse your hair with strength and hydration which are two factors for optimal hair health. Also, a chelating/clarifying shampoo will refresh your hair and rid it of any coating products and minerals that may be blocking moisture from your hair strands.

Nurse your hair back to health
Sometimes a setback is your hair’s cry for a little TLC (tender-loving care). This is the time to re-evaluate your regimen and see if it’s catering to your hair’s needs. Come up with a regimen that will help to bring back the health of your hair and stick to it.

Have you ever had a hair setback? How did you recover?

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Ammina Rose

Ammina Rose is a hair and beauty enthusiast from Chicago, Illinois. She created Lovin’ Our Textures on the belief that all hair is beautiful no matter the texture or style preference. Follow her hair journey from Relaxed to Natural on Youtube and Instagram.

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2 Responses

  1. These are all great tips! I have experienced a setback. I tried to straighten my natural hair and got very bad split ends! I’ve been plagued with them ever since. I got a big cut and got two sew-ins after that to grow my hair out, but the solution I need is a cosmetologist to see me on regular basis. I just have difficulty maintaining my natural hair! In the meantime though, I’m trying to be more gentle with it but fervently searching for a cosmetologist. #BLMGirl

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