Why Is My Hair Product Growing Mold?


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Why Is My Hair Product Growing Mold?

I get a lot of questions from people asking why are their all-natural hair products growing mold, changing color, or reeking. Hair products that are all-natural are relatively great products because they are not filled with chemicals and the ingredients are easy to understand. However, because a lot of these products have weak preservatives, they tend to go rancid relatively quick. But most of the time, a product goes bad because it is not properly stored or mishandled. Below, you will find a few ways to keep the integrity of your natural hair products longer. These tips can be used for non-natural hair products as well.

Why Is My Hair Product Growing Mold?Products have expiration dates
Just like food our beauty products have a “best if used by date”. For many hair products, the clock starts ticking once we have opened the product. A product’s shelf life is represented by a small icon of a jar with a number imprinted inside of it that indicates the number of months a product can be used before it expires. The icon can be found on the back of the product towards the bottom. Sometimes, a product will have a date imprinted on the container. I’ve seen this on some SheaMoisture and Lush products.

Keep oils in a dark cool place away from sunlight
This tip refers to your hair products as well. Keeping your oils in hot or moist places such as the bathroom or in direct sunlight can actually degrade it overtime and make it expire quicker. A dark and cool place is ideal for the storage of your hair oils. Also, you can purchase some oils such as Safflower, Argan, and essential oils in dark-colored amber or blue containers. This helps to keep the integrity of your hair oils longer and oils packaged in colored containers are usually an indication of great quality. A lot of natural oils are food grade, so you’ll want to store them as such.

Mix your hair products in a separate container
A lot of us like to add extra ingredients like water, oils, butters, etc. to amp up our favorite hair products. Adding extra ingredients into the container that your product comes in can cause the product to become imbalanced and expire quicker. Since products have preservatives, it’s best to mix and store your concoction to use for that day or week in a separate container.

Why Is My Hair Product Growing Mold?Cleanliness is next to godliness
Unclean hands have bacteria on them and when deposited into your hair product, it can cause bacteria growth and contaminate the product. Bacteria loves moist environments in which most hair products provide. Make sure your hands are thoroughly clean before dipping them into your hair products. Another way to prevent contaminating your products is by simply scooping out the portion needed at the time with a utensil.

Have you encountered rancid hair products? Comment below.

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