Review: African Pride Natural Miracle Texture Manageability System


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Review: African Pride Natural Miracle Texture Manageability SystemRating: 2 out of 5
Retail Price: $9.99

Texture manageability has never been so easy. Four easy steps is all it takes. Gain total control of your hair with African Pride products that feature the new and innovative Texture Manageability System. Now you can transform your naturally curly, kinky-coily, frizzy or wavy hair to smooth, sleek locks without any harsh chemicals or damaging heat. Go from curly, to straight, and back again with TMS and Natural Miracle. Get the style you want and then go back to your natural look.

Review were nice enough to send me the African Pride Natural Miracle Texture Manageability System to try and review. I’ve only straightened my hair once since going natural back in October 2013 and that was an epic fail. So I was hoping that this system would help me to achieve a sleek straight style while also combating humidity. Even though I wanted this product to give me those results, it was an epic fail as well.

The day before applying the system, I chelated, deep conditioned with a moisturizing deep conditioner, and detangled my hair. I wanted to make sure that my hair was properly moisturized to prevent heat damage. Detangling my hair the day before was a great benefit since the straightening system allots 20 minutes for detangling. It takes me longer than 20 minutes to detangle on normal wash days; However, even if I could detangle under 20 minutes, I’m glad that I did it prior to applying the leave-in which I’ll explain momentarily.

Review: African Pride Natural Miracle Texture Manageability System

The African Pride Natural Miracle Texture Manageability System comes with two systems: one system to achieve straight hair and the other to maintain it. The straightening system contains two 1.25 oz. bottles of shampoo and leave-in conditioner. The maintenance system contains two 1.50 oz. packets of shampoo and a rinse out conditioner to use for wash day to maintain the straight style.

Being the inquisitive person that I am, I decided to test the pH of the straightening system. The shampoo’s pH was 7 while the pH of the leave-in was 1. Yes, 1! A pH that low is known to dissolve hair. The instructions that came with the kit urges that one does not overly saturate their hair with the leave-in because it will not help to straighten hair more and can actually cause adverse affects. A light coating of the leave-in, just enough to coat the hair is what is instructed. I can not tell you how afraid I was to put this in my hair. But I said a little prayer and kept it moving.

Review: African Pride Natural Miracle Texture Manageability System

This system can be done in 4 steps: shampoo, apply leave-in, blow dry, and flat iron. I sectioned my hair in 10 sections and shampooed (step 1) 3 times as suggested by the instructions. My hair was completely stripped, but that was expected. I would highly suggest working in sections, this makes the process a lot easier. After lightly combing through each section, I applied a thin layer of the leave-in (step 2) to each section and let it sit for 20 minutes. The straightening system comes with plastic gloves for sensitive skin to apply the leave-in. I chose not to wear the gloves, but I did feel some burning around my ears, neck, and forehead. This was most likely due to the acidity of the leave-in. I highly suggest not applying this near the scalp and applying a thin layer of oil to those areas to combat that. While applying the leave-in, it made my hair somewhat sticky and wasn’t ideal for me to detangle with it in my hair. This is why I was happy that I detangled prior to using the system.

After the 20 minutes, I proceeded to blow drying (step 3). I used my wide tooth comb and blow dried on high heat and gradually lowered the temperature to cool as my hair dried. After blow drying 4 sections with the comb, I decided to use the tension method to blow dry the rest of the sections. My hair was incredibly too stiff and became hard to comb through which was causing breakage. The tension method got my hair pretty straight and there was no curl or wave in sight.

Review: African Pride Natural Miracle Texture Manageability SystemStep 4 required flat ironing. The instructions suggested 350° for my hair type. The flat iron that I used was the Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic Straightener. Though this flat iron wasn’t the ideal flat iron for me, I don’t use heat on my hair often. It doesn’t have temperature settings, but I was able to contact the manufacturer and they informed me of the temperature of each dial setting. I highly suggest doing this if you don’t heat style your hair often and don’t want to throw away a perfectly good flat iron. The flat ironing step was very lengthy, it was about an hour. But I guess I can blame that on the size of my head. Lol. I grabbed 1-2 inches of hair at a time to flat iron and rolled each section with magnetic rollers to achieve a fuller look. This may have worked against me because my hair came out so huge. And though my hair had a lot of movement, I was looking to achieve a sleek style and this definitely wasn’t it.

Review: African Pride Natural Miracle Texture Manageability SystemInitially I knew that this system would straighten my hair. No matter what product I used, the amount of heat that was used was going to straighten my hair regardless. I wanted to see how this system would hold up in humidity. Throughout the day, my hair just got bigger and bigger, until it became a full out fro. It was a very nice fluffy fro with lots of movement, but I could’ve achieved that without heat. All in all I give this system a 2 out of 5. It was pretty simple to complete, but the results were sub par.

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3 Responses

  1. Genesis says:

    I just used it and loved hair was so straight it looked like I got an relaxer, it made me so paranoid that I washed it a few days later and my hair returned to its natural state.. Very pleased

  2. marniz moose says:

    Can you dye your hair before using this system???

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